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12-19-2012, 06:35 PM
Two events in the Assassin's Creed III made me to want the Ubisoft to add the Hidden-Blade Shoes and Macuahuitl for Connor in future DLCs:

Since in the DLC Mission, player visited the "Lost Mayan Ruins" in which was rewarded with the "Sawtooth Sword", I must ask for yet another mission to explore Aztec ruins and to acquire the "Macuahuitl". The "Macuahuitl", usually known as the "Aztec Plank Sword", is made of an oak or pine plank with sharp obsidian or flint tooth-blades placed along its edges.

Connor acquired the "rope dart" which is a weapon introduced to the Western Assassins by the Eastern Assassin "Shao Jun". Shall the "rope dart" can be introduced, why not the Hidden-Blade Shoes which Shao Jun was known to have used in front of Ezio Auditore? Of course, the design of the Hidden-Blade Shoes can be introduced to the Western Assassins, but the techniques of usage might be lost or altered by the Western Assassins (just like the usage of "rope dart"); thus, I suggest Connor aquire the skill of Capoeira during a mission, at the same time of acquiring the Hidden-Blade Shoes. Speaking of Capoeira, I also request the "dual pistols" to be allowed the usage as melee weapons (can be selected from the left-side of the weapon-tool wheel), this should only be allowed when Connor has acquired the "twin holsters", and the combat techniques used for the "dual pistols - melee" should refer to the Art of Maculele.

http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/150/i/2012/274/b/9/assassins_creed_in_brazil__capoeira_by_artigas-d5giz54.jpg Assassin's Creed in Brazil - Capoeira by Artigas on deviantART

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