View Full Version : Determining Whether or Not Low Framerates are Caused By Processor Bottlenecks

12-18-2012, 03:22 AM
So I've been reading around on the forums, and it seems that I am clearly not the only one who is having issues with FPS. It Seems like the majority of the users that are complaining do in fact have AMD graphics cards, I myself have a 7970 Ghz Edition. I just want to be able to confirm whether or not this is a fault on AMD's end, or if there is just a correlation between processor speeds and how well the game performs.

I have an i7 3770K Processor, which is supposed to boost only to 3.9 GHz, but for some reason it just boosts to 4.3Ghz all the time when the processor is actually doing work (All threads active). So let's just say that it is an i7 3770K @ 4.3GHz

I have a 7970 Ghz Edition running Catalyst 12.11 Beta 8 (Beta 11 gives a really strange scaling issue). Everything is run at 1080p. At Max settings the lowest framerate that I've experienced is 24FPS, which is on top of one of the viewpoints in Boston, I still only average 30-35 while roaming in Boston unless I look at the sky or the ground (which makes sense). In the exact same place where I experience the 24FPS min, lowering the settings all the way and keeping the resolution the same results in an increase of the framerate to 40FPS, at this point it would be playable but honestly not ideal by any means. Another thing to note which I think a lot of other users have noticed as well is that GPU usage is extremely low, in Boston it sits at 50-60%, the only time it hit 100% was during the opera and ship, where the framerate was perfectly fine at 60+ all the time.

Low GPU usage, and coupled with the fact that there is always ONE thread completely maxed out on my processor, leads me to believe that this is a processor bottleneck. I really don't think I should be seeing a bottleneck with the 3770K at 4.3GHz (I should probably look into why it randomly decided to overclock itself).

Anyone else who has a 3770K regardless of graphics, it would be nice if you guys could chime in and give me some numbers. I really want to know if this is something that was overlooked in the threading of the game, or if it's something that AMD can change on their end in relation to GPU usage.