View Full Version : Holiday Patch

12-17-2012, 11:57 PM
How ironic, there is this holiday patch where they already fix the bug Liberation Mission, which I just finished yesterday(I explore the whole map of NY for that mission). Now i just feel like I am a beta tester who keeps finding bugs and reporting in ubi support in which the game i paid for. I was expecting at least to have a perfect game with minimal bugs. :(

They should at least hired someone or some free open beta test for this game before they launch this in pc.

12-18-2012, 02:03 AM
....Now i just feel like I am a beta tester who keeps finding bugs .....

More like pre-alpha stage. I'm using for every day usage mostly programs in beta and alpha versions or even some experimental builds and they all have less bugs and perform much more stable than this what i bought. Final version of assassin's creed 3 i can compare only to crysis 3 alpha which performed at my machine really terrible but it was officially alpha and there left a lot of work to do and they are working on it. Conclusion about crysis 3 alpha: i wasn't mad with its performance because it was alpha.

I'm mad with everything in ac3 because i bought final version of the game and it is bugged much and having huge performance issues. We shouldn't get it in current state.

Happy holidays assassins! :D With your "patched" game....