View Full Version : multiplayer ranking system flawed

12-15-2012, 12:39 AM
Dear Ubisoft,
I am really enjoying Assassin's Creed 3. I play the multiplayer everyday. However, I have noticed that the ranking system is flawed in some respects. Typically I hate when gamers complain about this sort of thing. The ranking system applies to all players and thus you can argue it is fair to all players. For the most part I agree, everyone has to play with the same conditions so it is a level playing field. If you strictly play Free For All this is not a problem, your score directly reflects your performance and ranking points are rewarded/ penalized accordingly. However, When playing the team objectives the ranking system is not fair. I typically play solo I am not on a team or any of that sort of business, but I enjoy playing the other game modes. I have played AC3 a fair amount and currently have prestige 3. When I enter into team objective lobbies the matching system tries to balance the teams accordingly. This almost always means that since I have higher prestige that I always get the short end of the stick. Either I am on a team that has fewer teammates then my opponent or I am paired with very low level players against average to good players. This almost always results in a loss and subsequently a huge drop in rating since my opponents are a lower level then I am ... (but not necessarily lower ability). Basically why would I want to play these game modes if I know I am going to lose since the odds are not in my favor. For example if I am in a game where my teammate is an unranked player (no stripes in shield) or low rank player against three opponents who are lvl 35-50 (and 3 stripes) it is essentially like playing 3 on 1. No one is that good ... and yet the ranking system penalizes me heavily when I lose. In addition I have noticed that in team objective modes the party system allows teams to stack skilled players on one team bypassing the matching system for a balanced game. Not to take anything away from these players ability, because I am sure that they are skilled, but it essentially allows them to manipulate the ranking system in a way where they are gaining points putting them in the top 100 by beating up on opposing teams that are randomly assembled. Again when I enter into a lobby like this I automatically quit when I see a team that is something like #1, 3, and 7 ranked players because I know that I am going to lose no matter how well I play. Typically I would tell someone to stop complaining, but this system is making a portion of the game unenjoyable for me and I am sure for others too. A simple way to fix this is to have seperate ladders for FFA and Team Objective. You could also have an option for unranked matches or only allow team stacking in tournament settings.