View Full Version : What's next for Assassins Creed ?

12-13-2012, 03:19 PM
I haven't got around to playing the latest AC game yet but the videos I've seen look awesome. This got me thinking about games like Saboteur, which I stumbled upon completely by accident. I remember someone from Ubisoft saying that there was lots of historical points they wanted to visit so I say why not 1940 ?

Thoughts ?

12-15-2012, 02:07 PM
*MILD SPOILERS* As we know, the ending of AC IIII has left some field to maneuver, on both Animus and Desmond story arcs. The natural thought occurs (after epilogue mission) and personally I associate it with The Civil War timeline, and for me that would be perfect and consistent continuation of a series. Although, a chronological issue appears- the ending of Connor memories are in 1783, towards the end of Revolutionary War, and The Civil War went off in 1861, so Connor would be at the age of 106 then (assuming that he was born in 1755). It looks like the continuation would need some time bridge to prolong the line of Connor, like in AC III we played as Haytham, and after that we could play as Connor. *MILD SPOILER* The effect would be based on motive of enslaving people- in both, Desmond and Connor realm. But that's my personal opinion.