View Full Version : season's pass doesn't work on pc "help"

12-12-2012, 10:23 AM
I bought the season's pass and got confirmation. I had to redeem my code that i used to install AC3 to activate my season's pass and then the other code for the first "dlc". Now each time that i try to put my code in (to activate the season's pass) it say that the ubisoft servers are down at the moment but this moment last now for 5 days. I bought the pass on the 7th and it still doesn't work. What do i do wrong please. I am sure that i am not offline because everything else works. I just keep getting the same message : "ubisoft servers donw , please log back in and the the AC3 servers are not responding.
My dlc code is already in use but it doesn't download.


12-12-2012, 05:13 PM
Igot the exact same issue for days now!! Why did I even pay for this crap?

I bought a season pass they wont even let me activate it or any of the codes I got from Ubishop or my on game serial as provided in instructions.

Wtf is this crap ubisoft?