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12-12-2012, 06:32 AM
I don't know if this is considered a Single Player or Multiplayer question because it has to do with the Leaderboard.
(So I didn't know where to put it!)

May I ask, when does the Event end? Does it run through 12/12/12 or is it over already. What timezone does Ubisoft close Events on?
The Leaderboard isn't updating for me! I've cleared my cache. Is it over?

Says 'The event will run from December 5th to the 12th.' Well it is the 12th here.

Also, Happy Trinumeral! It's officially

D e c e m b e r 12 t h

There's ten letters and two numbers total in the date, totaling to 12... go figure.
12/12/12 ...

I don't think there will be another Trinumeral any time soon, so enjoy it.


-Random Crunching Attempt-

Cross Referencing:


Henderson In Distress.
The best completion time is 4 minutes.
11 ships per 7 minutes is about average IMO.
11 ships per 4 minutes is over average.
The player who averages at 4 minutes gets about 83 ships destroyed per 30 minutes.
The player who averages at 7 minutes gets about 48 ships destroyed per 30 minutes.


Rank 100 @ 436 ships.
Rank 4 @ 10,904 ships.
10,468 is the score gap between the 100th Rank and the 4th Rank.

Rank 100 would have to spend 6,548+ minutes to catch up to Rank 4.

I divided the score gap by 48 ships.
48 goes into the score gap 218 times.
That's 218 increments of 30 minutes.
Totaling: 6,528 Minutes, which is 109 hours, which is 4 days.
Factoring Lost Goal Time: Drinking Coffee, Taking Breaks, Living Needs... out of 4 days let's say 13+ hours of slack, minimum sleep.

Now change the numbers around.

Get it done in 4 minutes. That's still 3,783 minutes, which is 63 hours, which is 2 Days + Slacktime.

Now how on Earth do you get... 4 minute runs on this? I have no earthly idea. =D

12-13-2012, 12:14 AM
well the board hasnt updated for me either so im assuming the competition is over as well. fyi, i wasnt completely finishing the naval privatere mission (one of a kind) and my kill count was being recorded. i would kill all the ships as quickly as possable sometimes with 2 minutes to spare and then restart the memory(not reload last checkpoint). there were 28 kills to score in this mission and my best time for completion was about 2 minutes and 20 seconds. my best score between the leaderboard refreshers witch was about 3 hours was 1463 ships sunk. before i started i played all the naval missions and determined witch was the best to play as far as how many ships there were and how fast i could sink them. afterwards i picked (one of a kind) and eventualy my time got better and better and i was scoreing over 1000 kills inbetween leaderboard refreshers. I started to calculate and compare other players scores with my own and figured that even if i had started late i could catch the leader and win but i under estimated my opponents. all i did was test the game to find out what worked and what didnt. I called the ubisoft hotline and the support tech told me to chech the forums when i asked him what time exactly does the competition end but the more i read the forums the more i think that there are no official ansewers. i guess thats the point of haveing forums to let the people ansewer their own questions. a bunch of confused people looking for ansewers from a bunch of confused people looking for ansewers. is there any official ubisoft support staff (with ansewers) reading this stuff? stone if you did win congrats. I might be insane but you are a machine.