View Full Version : GRFS should have been a clue

Kamakaze Taco
12-10-2012, 01:09 PM
that Ubisoft doesn't give half a crap about their games anymore. I mean ****, I LOVED the series but so far AC3 is just plagued with bugs and glitches that make it very difficult to enjoy.

I put down a map marker to find a treasure chest then fast travel to get close to it, then my map marker is gone. So I reset the marker and go to claim the chest, then the marker moves all by itself to a random spot in the middle of the map. There's nothing there, I didn't put it there and don't want it there, but there it is. Of course, that's assuming that on the way to the chest the game doesn't randomly decide to move the marker anyway. It's done that before too. When I get to the chest I just hope there's no enemies nearby. Somehow on the walk to find it, all my consumable items have been lost. Every arrow, every dart, all of it magically vanished. Well I should still be okay, if any ranged enemies want to shoot me I can just press A when the yellow triangle appears to grab a meat shield. Oh look, the enemy can fire their gun and make the yellow triangle appear after they shoot, how nice for them. Good thing Connor is too stupid to grab a meat shield without that triangle or I might have been able to defend myself. But, of course, this is the same idiot who will see a hay pile beneath him and decide to dive into the stone beside it and die instead, or suddenly make a sharp right turn when free running and dive into a guard and screw up the mission instead of continuing along the rooftops.

For me, this is it. It's clear Ubisoft is just done and relying on brand names to sell their games instead of actually putting any effort into it. I will buy nothing else from them, and I'm going to encourage everyone I can to do the same. It's a shame to see a decent company turn into another Infinity Ward.

12-10-2012, 06:50 PM
I remember an interview a couple months back where one of the devs said they maxed out everything the current generation consoles could handle. They pushed them to the limit. Some parts of it are gonna be bursting at the seams but that is obvious when you have a game of this scale. We can only look forward now and see what they do with next gen consoles.

And GRFS is a great game. The multiplayer is amazing. You might just think it's bad because you might not be a very strategic person.