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12-09-2012, 09:55 PM
I've been playing assassins creed 3 and I have a strange feeling, i'm playing a videogame or a interactive movie? Many missions are devoid of any gameplay, or have very little gameplay. All assassins creed games suffers a little with this problem, but on assassins creed 3, it reached another level.The third main villain guy assassination , for example, is mostly cutscenes, you walk, press the interaction button, cutscene, walk again, interaction button again, cutscene and etc. I dont have any problem with cutscenes and I liked the story, but I feel that the game have no real meat.

The side activities are just a waste of time. There are many side activities but the majority are just meaningless tasks, just to artificially extend gameplay. I know, all assassins creed have this problem, but this time I couldn't take anymore.The brawling, hunting, the naval missions , the liberation missions, frontiersmen missions, all those missions are just a waste of time, are fun the first time you do, but they become repetitive too quickly and there is any real reward in doing those? No, just achievements or money when you are already rich anyway, some don't even give you some context in what are you doing. Connor is a assassin, why don't have side activities involving, you know, assassinating people? Why dont have side missions involving Connor assassinating minor villains, gaining knowledge about the main ones in the process.You have to invade a fort and assassinate a corrupt officer, and hear details about a assassination attempt of an ally, or invade a mansion of a banker allied with the templars and discover how the templars gets funding to their activities and etc. I would like less quantity, more quality of side activities, more captain Kidd less delivery quests. The homestead missions are really boring and short, I really felt connected to the people in the homestead, but is really hard to stay motivated when most of them required of me watching one or more load screens, run half the map to just beat one guy, or press the interaction button on some random item.

Assassins creed 3 is a long game, but is long because you waste too much time walking than doing stuff, why dont have fast travel unlocked at the beginning of the game, why the horse gets stuck in everything and can't jump a small rock or even a small irregularity on the terrain.
The art guys done a splendid job in this game, sometimes I just wandered around just to see the next wonderful landmark, but the gameplay guys have to make some very needed changes on the next game.

12-10-2012, 02:38 PM
I agree, graphic is awesome, combat system is also nice but still too easy and too short to enjoy. Problem is that, after you beat the game mostly, there is nothing more to do... Just wandering around and kill guards for fun.