View Full Version : Babarigo or the Pazzi - Rennaisance Politics

12-09-2012, 01:39 PM
As you guys are proberbly well aware i am a major AC2 enthusiast but i found myself very much attached to the storyline and segment in particular - How Rodrigo Borgia uses
employs the services of 2 major families from Florence to Venice.

Now Florence was in my eyes the most strategic city in Rodrigo's conquest as the Medici as major players in Renaisance politics as they was a major Banking institution.
Now seeing as the Pazzi was the only major challengers to the Medici rule in Florence - it occured to me that the Babarigo was far more a determined foe than the Pazzi
as their resources was more expanded than that of the Pazzi.

Who do you think had the Most influence ? out of the 2 major Templar families .