View Full Version : A idea for a new game

12-09-2012, 09:24 AM
i have played all the AC games like many people and one thing about AC3 was it was a big let down to me, i much prefer AC Revelations but every one has there own thorts. but one thing that has made me restart AC3 15 times so far is the Navel battles i LOVED THEM so much they were so real so much fun and it just made me think what a GRATE game it could make. Like if you made it a BIG MMO with people being able to play as pirates or royal navy the game Uncharted Waters Online made my dream MMO ships pirates and trading with endless world with hundreds of people (http://uwo.netmarble.com/). but one thing they didn't do was make it fun if you look at it the camera is high above your boat and you control it by clicking. When you get in battles its just a click fest no thort in it and the boats look cool but you never get to see it from a deck view. Ubisoft please read and think about what i have sed i know i am just 1 person but its a grate idea and i bet lots of people will agree with me and you could even have a in game shop. PLEASE READ THIS UBISOFT AND THINK ABOUT IT.