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12-09-2012, 01:01 AM
Well let me say what a bittersweet thing this Map Editor is...

I was initially excited when I heard that AI and Single Player options were now possible in the latest map editor for Far Cry 3, and indeed I reckon it made up a good 70% of me deciding to purchase the title. I started thinking of some awesome single player missions I was going to create.

During the first few minutes, the Map Editor itself is one of the best I've ever used, simple WYSIWYG creation tools and easy 'in-game' testing really make creating the maps fun and not a chore like they can be in some other games. The collection of forest brushes and vegetation make for some really jaw-dropping visuals.

But, disappointingly, just like Far Cry 2 I realized the editor is at its core only suited for Multiplayer maps. And then there's the huge limitations like the tiny map area, only 4 textures and incomplete selection of game assets etc etc

Please Ubisoft consider make a full featured DLC version of the map editor, even if it is PC only, that enables editing of large enough maps to make something interesting and take the focus off being solely multiplayer. The life of this title would be extended exponentially if punters were able to create and share their own scenarios and missions, not just deathmatch arenas.

I would be willing to pay to cost of the title again just to have this feature..

12-09-2012, 01:37 AM
I would be willing to pay to cost of the title again just to have this feature..

Me too!
Although my clan and I are big on multiplayer practices and scrims using custom maps, so we want vehicles, AI, wildlife, weapon cashes, ziplines, and ammo placements all specifically for mp and unlocked for map validation! Honestly this is what we thought we were purchasing after playing FarCry 2 forever and longer. Your ticking off your biggest FarCry Fans Ubi