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12-08-2012, 05:46 PM
Since AC:B, all missions in the games have had secondary objectives which gives you "100% sync" if you complete them. Sure, this system serves a purpose of making the game more replayable, but at the same time the system is flawed in many ways and need some changes. Here are the biggest flaws in my opinion:

The objectives often take away from the game experience rather than adding to it and it discourage creativity. For example (AC:III spoiler) [1] . Sure, you could always to it your way anyways, but then the game kind of slam in your face and say "YOU DID IT WRONG!" when the mission is over.
The objectives are often random and doesn't make any sense. For example: "kill the wolves without using ranged weapons", "Sink the ship by shooting the gun powder" or "don't touch water". Those kind of objectives just feel pointless and annoying and doesn't really contribute to a better experience.
The secondary objectives often hint at what is going to come, and therefor make it expected. For example, if the secondary objective says "kill your target from horseback" then you can obviously expect horses to be around.

These three things could easily be fixed by two really simple fixes: Reveal the objectives after the mission is done and think through the objectives some more. Revealing the objectives after the mission may sound bad, but think about it: it would obviously increase the replay value because you would most likely not achieve the objectives on the first try unless you did so by accident, it wouldn't be spoiling anything or make the player expect anything, and it wouldn't discourage creativity for that first time.

The games have also lately been dumbed down looking at how little stealth is encouraged in the later titles. Looking at AC:I, you were almost certainly screwed if you didn't stealth while in AC:III brutal and open combat is encouraged while stealth is almost discouraged. I'm not saying that you can't stealth in AC:III, I'm just saying that it's almost not even rewarding to do so. On top of that, the games seem to care less and less about the actual creed of the assassins. In AC:I, the tenets of the creed is heavily enforced on the player, they become aware of the ways of the assassins and gets an understanding what the assassins are all about. In AC:III, the tenets are not even referenced to. I understand this is partially because the brotherhood has evolved, and while that is interesting, one of the reasons why I fell in love with the series is because the assassins really had an ideal and creed. They don't kill for no reason, they have a philosophy.

So in order to encourage creativity, stealth and the creed a little more I propose this system:

The player is first introduced to the idea of the assassins creed and the three tenets (stay your flesh from the blade of an innocent, hide in plane sight and never compromise the brotherhood). These tenets will be the guidance for the player as an assassin and to guide him or her towards a successful assassination. For all missions, the game keeps a record of how well you perform on these three tasks and will give you your result at the end of the mission, just like the sync system does. Unlike the sync system, you will not be given any information on how to best kill your target or how to get a better result, it's expected of you *** an assassin to know these tenets (the game will explain how you will achieve a better result, all missions play by those rules). The game will keep track of all you do instead of giving you secondary objectives, and therefor you must be creative to get a better result.

This is how the game would see how well you follow the tenets:

"Stay Your Blade from the Flesh of an Innocent" This tenet discourage the killing of those who doesn't have to die. From what I understand, it's not just civilians, it's everyone aside from the target. In other words, the assassin should try to only kill the target. In other words, the player will score a higher result if they sneak past the guards rather than killing everyone. Not killing civilians is obviously a requirement.
"Hide in Plain Sight" (from the wikia:)Be unseen. The Assassins' aim was to get close to their target stealthily, and escape just as quickly. In more ancient times, Assassins aimed to perform ostentatious, awe-inspiring assassinations, usually in public. The greatest illusion from such an assassination was that the Assassin seemingly materialized from nowhere, killed a corrupt public figure, and vanished into the depths of the crowd or environment.

This part is easy to translate into this system: don't get caught. The less the guards see you, the better result you will reach. The quicker you escape after killing a target, the better result you will reach. Hiding in a crowd will be better than just killing your followers. Killing your target in more creative ways or in public will lead to a better result.

"Never Compromise the Brotherhood" The actions of one must never bring harm to all. If an Assassin failed in his or her duty, and was captured or chased, he or she must never commit any action or say anything that could be tied back to the Brotherhood, or bring harm to any member of it.

By just following this description, it may be difficult to translate into the system, but considering how (AC:I spoiler) [2] , I believe this could be translated into "kill all those (guards) who have noticed you, do not let them tell their officers about you, because that will be a risk for the brotherhood. In other words, if a guard discovers you, kill him, and do not let him alarm others.

(Ubisoft could easily add other factors, but these where just examples)

Now, this system may seem pretty straight forward: kill the target stealthily = profit, but it isn't as straight as that. You will probably often have to face situations where you can risk getting caught but will achieve e.g. an air assassination, or you can go the path with less guards but a less "good" possibility for an assassination. Perhaps your weakness is to sneak past the guards and therefor kill them, but can make up for it by killing them stealthily and making a great assassination of your target. Another player may be the exact opposite. Perhaps you find a path that no other player have thought of, and will therefor get a greater result.
TL;DR: Make the full sync objectives hidden until you complete a mission, make a system that rewards the player for following the three tenets.


NOTE: This was originally a thread on Reddit. I decided to post it here to reach Ubisoft.
Originally found here: http://www.reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/comments/14hvwd/following_the_creed_and_how_the_full_sync_system/

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Oh my God.... This is..... simply.... amazing, i would love a game like this!!!!1

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I'm probably the only one, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. I play the game in my own way, but I actually like the optional objectives been given to us at the start of the mission/section of the mission as I spend more time in the mission trying to get them done. If I miss an objective, I don't ever come back for it, so I would not replay missions if we were given the bonus objectives afterwards. Also, some bonus objectives actually made difficult missions a little easier by showing me the "correct" way to go about it.

The tenants idea is, IMO, stupid. The first one is already mandatory. The second one would destroy the combat system and mandatory stealth NEVER feels as fun as stealth by choice. The third one seems impossible gameplay wise, because there's no dialogue system, and just because a bunch of guards spot you doesn't mean they'll track you all the way back to the brotherhood.

Look, you put a lot of effort into this, and good on you, but I disagree. If I found out the next AC game included these, I would just buy it on console to quickly finish the story missions, forgetting the other objectives and then trade it in. If I can't do things on the first run the way I want, with exception to a couple target objectives to add a challenge, I won't play.

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