View Full Version : Small Bugs

12-08-2012, 08:03 AM
ok, so I've beat the single player in the game and it's something small.... just miner annoyances. I hope these bugs will get fixed, basically you can't see your colors on your assassin clothes in single player during just about EVERY cut scene it always defaults to original colors. the french heavy weapon axe is rotated 90 degrees, your pretty much hitting them wit the flat side of the axe. also with a dagger your killing people as though your killing with an small axe, instead of a dagger...alot of the kill animations don't make sense with the dagger....because it's taking place as a small axe which doesn't make sense to me. I guess no unique kill animations for the dagger or what? Another thing, in new york kinda in the middle of a tavern, a fort, and a general store there's a spot guards are at standing at a building (if you look at your map) on a kind of near a Y shaped road, and it has a small grave yard next to it, with picket fences, maybe 1 or 2 horses near it, and a couple spiked blockade things. Basically if I even get near the **** building they engage me, and I'm not even near their no entry point where they are guarding.