View Full Version : Farcry 3 crash

12-08-2012, 03:10 AM
I hope Ubisoft see this like many many others my farcry 3 crashes and freeze because i have a GTX card. It has crashed more then 10 tiimes but yet i keep playing but now i quit the game and want my money back but ofcourse i cant get it . No words can describe how disepointed i am at ubisoft ive been waiting for farcry 3 for a long time and you put it out WITHOUT EVEN TESTING IT??????????? is this a joke ?Ubisoft dosent care to test with all cards because its all about the money get fast money and it will make ubisoft happy.
Ubisoft ive completed all your assasins cred games and i bought all of them same with farcry 2 completed . I regret paying you for a ****ty game that crashes or maybe just maybe you see this thread and fix it . Goodluck to you and nvidia because farcry is losing alot of players already.

You wanna know the defenation of insanity its doing the same thing over and over and think next time is gone be different but no next time it will crash i couldent take this ******** so i boom quit......