View Full Version : Will Ubisoft appease early customers now game has been released on steam?

12-08-2012, 12:33 AM
What I find particularly sneaky about this is that Ubisoft have forced early customers and preorder customers to use uplay, then when they've secured bulk of the sales, they've released the game on steam.

At the minute, I'm having to play far cry through a non-steam game as 'uplay', and the steam overlay still doesn't work properly. Now steam customers get an official gaming hub, which comes with screenshots etc and I imagine more tight integration with steam (as in the overlay works).

I'm aware that steam users still have to use uplay, but I don't care for that, I care for the tighter integration with steam.

The 35 I paid for lost expeditions is a kick in the face considering steam users get the deluxe edition for 35.

So, what exactly is Ubisoft going to do for the customers it has shafted with this move? Will we be able to register our copies on steam through our cd keys?

If Ubisoft didn't make such good games or buyout such great franchises, they'd probably be one of the most hated games companies on the planet. Greed is getting the better of them.

12-08-2012, 01:16 AM
Interesting. Good to know. Still doesn't take away from the fact that they knew this injunction would cause a steam release, and still went ahead and sold preorder copies at a higher price than on steam. In that regard, yes, it does have something to do with Ubi, and they are still sneaky rats for it.

By the way, do you have links to this information?

12-08-2012, 02:08 AM
I hold my hands up, I have looked every where and am unable to link to any information that can be substatiated and thus have removed the post