View Full Version : Soooooooooo Sad

12-07-2012, 06:10 AM
I played fc2 MP and was hooked from day one. I loved the pulse pounding adrenaline as it was called out 'someone has your diamond'! The most satisfaction that I had was either getting the diamond back or helping get our diamond carrier safely in base to score. The clan tournaments were a blast to participate in and had great experiences in clan wars. The fc2 clan community was like a brotherhood in that unlike other games we came together as a whole and made good friendships. As fc2 slowly died out, I kept my hopes alive that ubi would build on what it had created in fc2 and even built new computer with great graphics card to handle the improved game graphics. After hearing from the clan community, the mp is non playable. I do believe that fc2 lasted longer than it should have because of the clans that provided dedicated servers for the entire gaming community of fc2 so I do not understand the reasoning behind the exclusion of not only dedicated servers but also game modes such as capture the diamond and uprising. Whoever it was that decided to go away from dedicated servers must have a day time job as a plumber since it appears that they understand how to make feces go downhill.

Thanks ubi for screwing up a great game! Oh, by the way dont know how many console games u sold but I bought 4 versions of fc2 because the game kept screwing up. I finally bought last one off of steam so I could reinstall anytime.