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12-06-2012, 11:13 PM
Alright. I toyed around with it and I think I made a...sort of stable prototype. Please note; this was based on what I had available at the time.
I've been playing it all day.

4x Maniac
4x Succubus
4x Demented
2x Dark Assassin
3x Juggernaut
2x Cerberus
3x Ravager

4x Firebolt
4x Inner Fire
3x Teleport

4x Altar of Destruction
4x Goldpile
4x Campfire
2x Twist of Fate
3x Broken Bridge

As you can see, this deck doesn't require many rare cards aside from Dark Assassins, and they are easily replaceable.

I took 3x Broken Bridge instead of Town Portal because I was already going for Campfires. I also feel they can potentially be more potent, and are slightly less harmful with the presence of Teleport in this deck.

I didn't use Pao because I felt it's not nearly as good without either Nergal's poison or Xorm's Melee boost, just based on my previous experience with them.

I didn't include Lilith as a playstyle choice. (Which allowed me to include more of other cards, and seemed less harmful taking in mind this deck's flexibility)

Twist of Fate can be very powerful in certain situations, and at the very least it makes the opponent more predictable. It can be a pitfall however if you choose unwisely.

Please note that while I have been playing in normal queue with this deck for awhile, I haven't tried it in tournaments yet.
I'm also open to suggestions on improving it, however major / minor they may be.

12-06-2012, 11:41 PM
I like the basic shell, but -4 maniac (useless, I'd rather draw a card on turn 1 if I had no other options), +4 Lilith, which would be your ONLY non-melee creature. having played a fair bit of Garant, Lilith is basically your best creature and the only good way you have to deal with opposing inferno heroes if you don't already have board presence. Also, I can't help but feel that this wants 4 ravagers and juggernauts but I don't have any suggestions on what to cut.