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12-06-2012, 06:51 PM
This is just a curiousity question: I love the look of the assassin tomahawk, but it has only a 3 hit combo, while the stone tomahawk has 5 hits combo. My question is, is it possible to change the stone tomahawk skin to make it look like the assassin tomahawk but keeping the stone tomahawk stats? If you know a way, it would be useful for others too, thank you.

12-06-2012, 08:33 PM
I love the assassin tomahawk too, that's why i'm using it regardles of the stats.
I've tried to compare the speed/damage/animation on a pair of small weapons, but they area all the same, atleast not noticable, so therefore i prefer using the assassin tomahawk, because i can't SEE the difference.
But hey, that's just me, i prefer an epic and effective blow rather than a strong one :D

The best way to kill is counter-->kill sreak/speacil kills anyway :) and those are all one hit kills anyway, regardless of the stats

12-06-2012, 10:18 PM
Get a stone tomahawk, use: Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, break defense, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, break defense and so on. You will massacre the dudes and the fight will last longer and funnier. That's my personal point of view.

The best way to kill is the one that is fun for you. :D