View Full Version : (Haven) Siegfried 3/4/0 Holy Alliance

12-05-2012, 07:38 PM
I've just decided to post this alternative to siegfried prison deck.
In my opionion it's just as good and more constant since u dont have to rely on prison and through the different cards its very entertaining.

Its not perfect yet im missing 3 DA and 2 Weeks of Mercenaries, then it would be~
The main idea is to get board control with ease and being able with the combination of word of light and the event cards to do lots of dmg with ure alliance.
Martys saves ure alliance for the sacrifice of one unit.
The Rogues Mecenaries serve as cheap meat shield with 5 hp and the poissibility of 2 dmg but i would probably take em out for the DA, if i had em.
U could take in 2 Sunburst for 2 rogues but normary im better of with 2 more creatures.
Elo 1100~ atm


Week of the mercenary x2
Week of the dancing flame x3

Tithe collector x4
Devoted sister x1
Dark assasin x1
Rogue Mercenary x4
Elite squird x4
Holy pretorian x4
Expert markman x4
Loyal griffin x4
Pao deathhunter x1
Sea elf archer x4
Glory x4
Sun rider x4

Blessing x2
Martyr x4
Word of light x4
Divine intervention x1