View Full Version : I have had many bugs in Assassins creed 3 ever since it came out.

XSV Regner
12-05-2012, 01:23 AM
There are 3 MAJOR problems Assassin's Creed 3 and UBI only fixed 1 in their last patch.
#1 Every time I quick travel or leave a building or go to a new location eather my secondary pistol revirts back to the pitcam pistol (witch is so stinking annoying), or Both Pistols change to random pistols. (which gets me even madder) IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME!!!... That can't be a fluke.

#2 The Homestad Mission problem problem that UBI supposidly fixed with their last update: It now shows that I completed it on the log on the map page but but it won't go away and I still can't get the achivement.

#3 After finding all the underground passageways, I realized that the passageway that is the first one that is allready open in New York (the one that you are first able to get into New York's underground) does not have a quick travel point at it when I am underground. Even after completing the game 100% in all orther aspects I still only have 10/11 quick travel spots in New York although I have been to all the passageways and therefore I can not get 100% and get the achivement for completing the game 100%.

Other notes,

After sequence 11 the tunnel that opened up durning the sequence that connenects that underground travel point to the rest of the underground should be still open after sequence 11 right? Well not for me.
It was and still is closed up so that the only way I could discover it was to go in the well and every time I go to the underground using that point it is pitch black and I cannot get a lantern or go into the rest of the underground.

Could you Please fix these problems Ubisoft? It would make me soo happy.
Thank you.