View Full Version : Bunch of BASTER*S

12-04-2012, 06:00 PM
I ordered my ubiworkshop edition in september, it arrived at the end of november and i got an xbox version for America instead of a ps3 version, but i can't sell it here now. So i contacted them and they send me the ps3 version. Now there is a problem and i don't realy understand it and i have to pay more then 90$ for something that had 'FREE SHIPPING' ( i already paid taxes) So because YOU CAN'T DELIVER THE RIGHT THING I HAVE TO PAY A LOT???? BAST*RDS, MOTHER-FU*CKERS! IDIOTS! I contact them EVERY DAY via e-mail, facebook, the forums and when i call UPS everything is always ok. BASTER*S