View Full Version : Game breaking crash!

12-04-2012, 04:36 PM
So, I was really happy as I was pretty sure, considering I have just gone through sequence 12 and was thinking "I must be getting near the end of the game" until I got to the part where you use the key to open the door as Desmond and you come across Minerva and Juno during a cutscene though after they show you some kind of vision the game crashes and there is NOTHING I can do, it just crashes and there's a black screen until I use ctrl+alt+del to get back to my desktop to click on the close program error as my mouse is not working properly at this point.

I am really really bothered by this as it is essentially a game breaking bug although I have not come across any other people with this problem on the internet though if it is a problem with my computer why has it only just happened and why does it ALWAYS happen at the exact same point?

If anyone knows anything about this problem or how to fix it, it would be extremely helpful.

12-04-2012, 08:40 PM
It appears I had the same or a similar problem at exact the scene you describe. First I had no idea why; till then my experience of AC3 had been almost free of (serious) bugs. And the internet didn't offer any help.

Then it came to my consciousness, that I was playing in stereoscopic 3D ("3D Vision"). During the cut-scene I deactivated the 3D - et voilá, now it passed the critical point without issues. So, if you happen to also play in 3D, that may be your solution. Otherwise I have no idea...