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12-04-2012, 03:20 PM
I think the PC port was rushed to the point that no-one on the dev team was able to have an extended playthrough of it. It seems to me they just played it on their development computers to take a few screenshots and make sure the DX11 features were showing up, then they sent it out to get printed. Now, I'm not going to complain about the framerate myself because it's not a big issue for me, but the shear amount of people having issues with the framerate, with multiplayer, with the crafting system, with acquiring the Uplay extras, with the extra content, with banned serial codes and more just seems ridiculous.

Now, any reasonable dev team would be scanning the internet over the first couple weeks of release, checking for any criticisms, particularly bug reports. You'd think with the amount of problems listed in this forum alone that they would have figured out there's serious issues with this port (and AC3 in general) and would announce a patch is incoming. Doesn't even need a time, just a quick announcement to keep the fans and customers satisfied that they're not some kind of money vacuum who quickly ship out a broken mess and start working on a new broken mess for more coin.

Now, the devs were reasonable to go to Reddit and start a thread there a while back. They obviously have the power to get in touch with the community and they know people are playing their games and they know there are problems (people told them to fix the hood issue and they did in the Thanksgiving Patch). So, why aren't they talking to us now? Why are they essentially flipping us the bird with their silence? We paid the full admission price for a game which is unplayable for some people. Notice how the Mass Effect community got answers (albeit, not very good ones) when everybody complained about the terrible ending. Where's PR attempting to fix this situation?

My friend was discussing how good his console copy of Far Cry 3 is. From what he tells me, it's a lot more polished, it has a better story, better graphics and ultimately is a better game than AC3. Why does that game deserve so much attention? Why does CryTek, an external studio, have the ability to prepare all 3 versions of the game (Xbox, PS3, PC) for the same release date, but Ubisoft's internal development team get stuck with releasing the PC version a month late, which has defined terrible launches with the amount of people not receiving codes, the whole controversy over people not being able to get refunds on the one digital copy they bought when there was a new digital copy, and being locked out?

I like Assassin's Creed 3. I've been blessed enough to not have as many problems as most of the people here have. But that said, I still have a huge list of problems with the game that could be simply fixed, and yet there's been no word that anyone even cares. This has been the most painful release I've ever experienced. If there is another AC game (there has to be), we better not experience what just happened again.