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12-04-2012, 12:46 AM
I have seen many forums talking about their reception of the latest hero in the franchise, Connor Kenway. Many say that he has zero personality, and his character seems dull and as boring as altair. I am here to tell you, that connor has not gotten what he deserved. I will tell you why connor is an awesome character.
For on, people have been spoiled by ezio. Ezio is charismatic, a womanizer, witty, and a little perverted, with his younger self fequently using the probably earliest used thats what she said jokes, in ac2. (with christina and paola). Who cant love a quick mouthed italian badass? Ezio is quick, agile, and smart. Unfortunately, people have been spoiled by ezio, and they feel that connor falls short, and that his character is rushed and incomplete.
I believe that the connormin the game is exactly what thendevelopers wanted when they started. I will tell you reasons why connor is misunderstood
1. He is WAY more black and white than ezio. Ezio sees the world in a type of grey area, and his quests are clouded in revenge. And, while many bad things happended to ezio, as soon as he put on those assassin robes, it was more or less smooth sailing until he finally completed his quest in ac2. He got a target, figured amway to get to him, and did it. Connor's quest is not so simple. Not only is he trying to save his people from the europeans, but he also wants the colonists to be free too. He must struugle with the realization that he must leave his home, find the man who burnt his village, and even hunt down his own father!! Connor sees the world as justice and evil, so he must struggle between his mentors teachings, and the things that his own father tells him. It may not seem like it, but connor was trying to find a way to patch things up with his father. Or at least find a waynto ot kill him. In his quest, whenever he takes a step forward, he gets thrown two back, like when he had to kill his friend, when he and his mentor disagreed so much that he had to leave, and when his father kept playing with connors mind and emotions. With every target he kills, they each give a very convincing speech about why the templars are not as bad as connor thinks. Kn this game, the assassins are no longer "good" and the templars "bad". It is nuch more grey, and connor must also deal with these uncertainties as he tries to make the right decision, something ezio never had to do. Because of all of these issues, connor is slightly grimmer and serious than ezio, and he has a total right to be so. He doesnt want to settle down with a woman yet, he is not clouded with revenge. While some of his desicions may not have been good, remember that he is growing, maturing, learning, and doing everything ezio did in twice as harsh conditions.
2. It is in his culture. He is european, and mohawk too. He has trouble discerning who he is, and this takes a toll on his personality. Also, the mohawk,were not european. While the colonists were loud, happy, sometimes drunk and wild, the mohawk were a strong, serious people that took nature and life very seriously. Connor is the model mohawk warrior. He is serious, strong, and witty. If connor did the things that ezio did in his childhood, like woo women, get in trouble, and get in street fights, his elders would think something is wrong with him. Ezio grew up in a carefree rich living lifestyle, while connor lived with nature, a simple life, where everyone needed to participate in order for them to survive. Connor is not serious and dull, he is serious, thoughtful, cautious, and witty. He does not waste time with women, and he never rests. He said to his assassin recruit dobby,that he doesnt have the time to give a woman what he wants, and he will sleep when his work is done.
3. Lastly, many people who think that connor is dull and boring have not played throguh the most magical part of the game, the homestead missions. It is in these missions where connors personality really shines. He intertwines himself in a new society, and feels it his responsibility to keep everyone safe. He smiles, laughs, and even tracks down a woman and goes on a hike/quest just so he can help his friend norris get advice on women and get him the perfect gift for him to get the girl he likes. He is frantic in making sure that one of his artisans delivers a child safely, and acts as the best man/ "father" of myriam and norris on their wedding day. Connor is a matchmaker, a friend to the people, and it is in these missions that connor really shines as a character.

So there you have it. While ezios quest made it easy for him to choose the right path, connor must find his own path. He is constantly feeling guilt and anger and sadness over the safety of his people, the fact that he must kill his father, and his own meaning in the world. And, when ezios quest was done, he could just relax. All was well. Even after all connor did and sacrificed, HIS PEOPLE WERE STILL driven out of their homes. The reason he became an assassin was in vain in the end. He sacrificed his people, and his happiness so that desmond could find the key. He was only mean to achilless because he was confused, and he almost immediately afterwards apoliogized, and when achilles died, connor said he missed him as he missed his mother.

Connor is the best character in the assassins creed series, and haytham can go to hell!!!!!!!

12-04-2012, 01:34 AM
Hey now, I agree with everything you said, but I thought Haytham was pretty awesome, too. XD His and Connor's interactions were some of the highlights of the game for me. lol

Anyways, thanks for covering most of what I feel about Connor in better detail. I got the feeling that some people were expecting a Native American Ezio for some reason, which would've been boring and...really weird.
It's probably also because I know quite a few people in real life who have a personality similar to Connor's, and I don't think it's fair to call them "dull" just because they're not as animated as others.

12-04-2012, 01:40 AM

This thread just about shows that the majority of people liked Connor..
Go to Tmblr too...Most people like him..
Youtube comments..

Everything. Guy was well received...People who do not like him are just more vocal and loud and all there complaints are the same "Boring" "dull" "no personality" "one dimensional" "stupid" "jerk" (They`re all perfect human beings I assume)

Anyways, here are my thoughts about Connor...(Yes, I like to talk about him much :P)

Connor was a Child. a normal Child. He lived his life as he should. Playing, learning and growing. You feel the Innocence which is something that was absent from Ezio, because you`re quickly thrown in with the line "Your sister seemed quite satisfied with the handling I gave her earlier". I never expected another Ezio and I`m glad that I was not disappointed. Connor`s Innocence is quickly stolen by the ensuing events. He grows into a humble, powerful Young man that seemingly has no Weaknesses but his Naivete.

In a way, Connor is still a child. His reactions to some of the actions of others` make any one laugh, but he simply finds it disgusting. His solutions to very complicated matters is Pure. "i`ll tell them I`m Innocent" - Connor.

His Gestures when Talking to people is what drew me to like him. Standing and holding his 2 hands together when talking to Homesteaders, polite, labeling them as his friends and not his townsfolk, BUT THEN he just barges into a certain Character`s house, shoving that certain Character`s arm away, not once, but thrice, was Hilarious. The contrast was Brilliant. He is somewhat like his father, in a way that those he deemed friends would get the best out of him, but those he deemed Unimportant or viewed them in a somewhat negative light would be shrugged off.

The thing is that Connor possesses Noble Qualities, but is Not a Noble. He`s just so Humble and respectful that you cannot help, but like him and enjoy his Conversations. He has respect to every man and believes that every man is equal and that every is entitled respect.

With Connor, I actually tried hard NOT to kill people and Coincidentally, it was revealed that he dislikes excessive or Unnecessary killing. He values rights Immensely that So many moments of anger might seem light to us, but I think he was entitled to every bit rage he showed.

The only Emotional face I saw with Ezio, was when Cristina Died. With Connor, I saw that so many times. It connected emotionally with me and every time I just saw that face and those sorrowful eyes, I actually feel it.

In the end, in terms of Connor, you find yourself killing in the same site you played in and it proves for nothing. He is Imperfect, He made mistakes, He has flaws, he does not Joke, he is a jerk to some, but as soft as a teddy bear to others. he rages and sorrows. He made me ask questions, HE asked questions. and THAT is what makes this Character such a genius Creation.

12-04-2012, 01:56 AM
Vitamins, I know exactly what ur saying man. Haytham was one of my favorite characters, maybe number 3 after ezio, but i cant stand when people say that haytham, a TEMPLAR is better than connor. Haytham is still awesome in a james bond kind of way, but while he is half badass and half british sexyvoice guy, connor is 100 % badass

12-04-2012, 01:56 AM
connor ftw

12-04-2012, 01:57 AM
Couldnt have said it better myself