View Full Version : Several broken things I've encountered and some thoughts on the game

12-03-2012, 12:58 PM
First off I am constantly plagued by the infamous dual holster glitch (as is everyone, it seems), pouch upgrades don't work for my rope darts, poison darts and I think trip mines as well, I've redeemed the life scratcher uplay pack, but I haven't seen any of the vaguely described bonus content in it appear in my game, I think it's supposed to add 6 additional cartridges or something, but I have only managed to reach 40 max having crafted all pouches. Aside from these bugs, I personally find this Assassin's Creed one of the less polished titles in the series. There are so many new intricacies they've introduced, but many of them are merely brushed over, such as crafting, combat and movement changes (guards are also such a hassle to escape without hiding spots this time). The story is even more of a disaster this time around. On Connor's side I don't have many complaints, aside from it being quite obvious from the outset that it would be a tale of an overly-naive idealist, but the Desmond segment just seems like a lazy afterthought, the present day missions being barely playable. I'm terribly disappointed by how bonus content was handled for this game. I mean, the pre-release pictures of the exclusive outfits are completely different from their goofy in-game appearances and the pirate mission gives you a sort of piratey pistol, which was a bit misleading since I'm sure some people thought it would be a full-blown on-your-back musket. Sorry about the ridiculously long post, but I really had my hopes up for this game and I'm quite disappointed with the way it was done (like with Fable 3 :/). I hope I can get some help with these glitches and here's to a great ACIV!

12-03-2012, 02:19 PM
Least UBI know how to make paragraphs. . .

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