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12-03-2012, 05:19 AM
*NEW* The Independent Clan
"another great Abstergo hit..."

Hello Assassin's, and Templar's...
I'm sure you have failed at assassinating other players on multiplayer correct?
You remember the days where you just don't give up, and you go about like, seven kills, and eleven deaths?
Well then you are a Templar, sad to say. As an assassin, this clan is an assassin only clan, and we only play as
the "Independent." What makes us so significant is the fact that we collect all Patron Pictures for the "Independent,"
we complete all challenges for the "Independent," and we even collect all Accolades for the "Independent."
In our clan we don't just collect challenges, and accolades, and stuff like that. We also collect all weapons,
and all clothing types for the "Independent." The only difference is that we earn these legitimately. We do not use
Euridito Credits. We only use Euridito Credits to support Abstergo, Euridito, and Ubisoft (Even Though They Are All The Same).
Furthermore, this clan is Ubisoft friendly, and follows all rules, and expectations that they expect us to. We do not break any rules.
Whoever breaks any rules in the clan, will be permanently kicked out until told otherwise.
Now for ranking systems. We use Assassins Creed Ranking Systems to rank up. But we don't just use that. We have a set of our own.
The following ranks are shown below, of what we follow. You earn ranks by being here longer. When you rank up, you may put your rank on your
signature if you wish to do so, and to you know... show it off. If you are caught lying about your rank, you will be kicked off, unless told otherwise, for
I keep track of all people, and their ranks. Here are the ranks listed below:

Rank + Name------------------How To Earn Rank-

Rank 1 - Raider---------------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 1-3 Weeks-
Rank 2 - Crusader-----------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 4-7 Weeks-
Rank 3 - Arbiter--------------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 8-11 Weeks-
Rank 4 - Archer--------------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 12-15 Weeks-
Rank 5 - Dungeoneer--------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 16-19 Weeks-__*Recruiters Who Recruit 10 People Get One Week Off, Then 20, Gets Two Weeks, And So On*__
Rank 6 - Gladiator------------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 21-23 Weeks-
Rank 7 - Reaper--------------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 24-27 Weeks-
Rank 8 - Commando----------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 28-31 Weeks-
Rank 9 - Assassin------------Have Been Accepted Into Clan For 32-35 Weeks-

Now that you know half of what this clan is about the other have is still waiting for your appearance. Well what else can we do in this clan?
You can submit artwork, if Ubisoft allows it, you can send in screenshots, or anything else involving media. Just check out with Ubisoft, and see if they allow it.
Violators who purposely post content even when told not to do so, will be kicked off, unless told otherwise. Posting Pornography or any other explicit content will
get you banned permanently, and kicked off, unless told otherwise (which is doubtful that you would be told otherwise). So the point is, don't post inappropriate content.
The last things you need to know are practices and such. We do not hold practices, and we do not play together. The reason being is that their is only one "Independent."
If there were more, we could party up. That being said... we can't so it's an online Ubisoft forum clan only, but we play on any console. The main console we usually play on is the X-Box360. But we warmly welcome all consoles. We don't fight over consoles. We are a Hacker, a Templar, and a Bully free clan. So don't try me. We do not permit any of those.
If you have an interest in joining this clan, comment below. I will post names of people who are in the clan, once you join. If not editable, I will post other posts, and updates about who joined, got booted off etc... When you comment, put your screen name, a period, then say I would like to join. Then I will update the post. "Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted." This is an Assassin only clan. Have fun ranking up. My contact information via console is stated below:

Contact Information:
X-Box360 - RIOTAsSaSsIn360 [Name Change This Christmas(Only Add Me If You Are Joining)]
PS3 - xEminem313
PC - None
Mac - None
PSP - None
DSi - Zone [I Don't Have Assassins Creed On DSI]
Wii - Ghost [I Don't Have Assassins Creed On Wii]

Any questions, fan mail, concerns, and/or bugs may be left below in the comments. Enjoy our new "Independent" clan as you rank up, compete with others, and play with friends, as well as making friends. This is my clan, powered by Ubisoft. Enjoy Sincerely, xiNDePeNDeNTx