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12-03-2012, 03:15 AM
I really, really love the multiplayer in AC3, don't get me wrong. It's positively amazing, maybe not as good as brotherhood since it seems less "complete," for lack of a better word, but it's better than Revelations somewhat. Only issues I have with the multiplayer are that there's some glitchiness going on or lack of balance with certain things. For example, someone can knife you, butt naked(by that I mean with no follow-up abilities to take you off guard) and STUN you. I even have these people locked on when they smack the teeth out of me, I press square with the most energy expended by my right hand since the night of my thirteenth birthday(lol), and STILL they punch/kick/headbutt the tetris out of me. AND I COULDN'T EVEN USE ABILITIES WHILE I WAS KNIFED UNTIL ABOUT THREE SECONDS AFTER. My issues don't stop there, however, because now pistol can go so darned far range-wise for some people, guys shoot me from across the map. I don't hear the focused aim sounds everytime, and you don't even hear gunshots in the distance anymore so you could know if someone used their gun or not, I'd have to scan for a skull icon where my teammates used to be. Ah, and then let me mention how easy it is for someone to kill you in a chase. Guy could be 15 meters behind me, and I could say, jump off a building for an example(I know this because I look back) and I'd be in mid-air, but then by some lag or lack of recognition by the server or whatever you want to call it, I'm teleported into the arms of my loving pursuer. Literally, he wraps his arms around me and snaps my neck most of the time. Another magical thing that happens

Now I may sound like a whiner, but no, I just don't think this incarnation of the multiplayer is the Award-Winning Multiplayer of Brotherhood. It's not the Multiplayer that kept me playing hard and heavy even after destroying the story mode and getting my 100% completion, and it ain't the multiplayer that gave me several best friends over the boundaries of states and even countries. It's pretty darn close, but for all its good, it feels like compared to Brotherhood, the experience was cheapened a bit to make it more accessible to guys who aren't as good or aren't as deep into the series as everyone else is. Not only that, but some of the customization and other features are copy-pasted for less work, and easier editing for future multiplayer incarnations more than likely. Upgrading your weapon only makes it look sexier now in AC3(Oh baby, put your sword into my sheathe~!) it doesn't change to a brand-spankin' new couple of kills so epic, they'd work the nerve in your loins to make about fifteen million babies. At least two or three characters' kills are copy-pasted from revelations, man. I want some individuality between each multiplayer persona, like in Brotherhood. Okay, maybe that's just a pet peeve that's not really a necessary complaint, but I was never really a fan of the little knife or hidden blade or mini-phallus-hook that replaced your close and personal kills when you got too close. Finally, I don't like how individual skill and how many points you have compared to everyone else in a match like Manhunt doesn't matter when your team loses. I still get points carved off my abstergo score when I'm playing with less experienced gamers on my team and still put in the most effort and "tactical thought". I don't rush at people willy nilly, turning a team effort into a competition for who kills the most people, but I'm not rewarded for my cautious playstyle or my having the highest score of the match. Sometimes I'm still punished with a minus, and I do the best in a match only to get no difference in growth point-wise. If Ubisoft even pays attention to its forums, maybe it could look at my issues or everyone else's issues here, and incorporate the changes in later iterations or for some of the issues that need ironing out, another patch. Maybe Ubisoft could also hook us all up with some free expansions like in Brotherhood and let us have some more game modes. Maybe they could actually make pursuers end up in a different version of Wolfpack, since I was led to believe that co-op between me and some friends or random players in wolfpack would include us getting pursued by AIs/NPCs too.


Sincerely Yours,
Joey Wheeler

P.S. ALSO NEEDS MO' PERSONAS. Maybe it's a little senseless, but I like me some variety, and I actually miss the unlockable characters deal in Brotherhood that were rewarded to you as you got better. Please, I want my Footpad/Smuggler/Thief back, and their substitutes don't make the cut. (I'm looking at you, Justin Bieber's ancestor)

12-03-2012, 03:42 AM
I don't see a reason to complain about knife stuns. When you're knifed your kill range is reduced for the time you're bending over in pain so if a stun is attempted from maximum range it will be guaranteed (unless smoke is used) once you start limping around it's back to normal and you can contest who ever knifed you. I've heard gunshots from other players many times so I don't see why you can't. I do agree that the copy pasta stuff from revelations is garbage. I'm sick of these ****ty animations and customization options. =/

12-03-2012, 05:05 AM
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