View Full Version : AC3 Sequence 5, Flying Stick of Achilles Davenport.

12-02-2012, 08:35 PM
Hi Guys, i was just wandering in the sea after completing all the Boston missions and reached Davenport for 2 hidden blades after which the river rescue mission is started. As soon as i finished the mission I jumped in the sea where i reached near an old abandoned ship which was standing there and in front of its nose tip ummmm, almost 5-8 feet in distance, i saw the Stick which Achilles Davenport use to walk with. The stick was stuck in the air and was not moving. LOL

I tried to take the snapshot of that stick, however, i was unable to. please do check it out guys, if it is only happening in my game or yours too... njoy !! :D;):D