View Full Version : WAY TOO MANY BUGS IN AC3 and AC3 VITA (My schiooner isn't moving anymore)

12-02-2012, 08:09 PM
Okay both of these games have been extremely buggy and I hope since this is the official forum some of you from Ubisoft might hear this as well. But basically after beating AC3 for 360 and encountering quite a few bugs myself, I've noticed the same thing for AC3 Liberation. The first bug was the Business Rival mission located near the headquarters. Even though I beat it I had to restart my memory from scratch before I even played the mission because everytime I beat it when it came to opening the letter everytime I tried moving my fingers (which was a million times) it didn't open. And I do know what I'm doing as I've opened 3 letters so far already.

Now the most important bug that pi$$es me off is the fact I sent a fully loaded schooner to Mexico and right before it made it to the port it froze. My ship Jupiter keeps moving like normal, but now I've lost all the merchandise I was going to sell as well as the extra ship that I bought and am extremely low on cash. If I would have known this would have been a waste of a game I probably would have had second opinions.

So does anybody know how to "fix" this bug at all, or am I just screwed?