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12-02-2012, 03:14 PM
so i have been looking at ideas that people have had about AC Free Roam Online And there ideas are good but wont work. so i was think and came up with a good way of how it can be done. the main problem for Ubisoft is the PvP part. but they don't need to do PvP. your normally playing as a Templar and your kill each other to become the best. but if you play as the Assassin's Online Then you would not need to do PvP all that could be for Game Types you could choose to play. in the free roam you should be able to do quest to get XP and clear out an area for someone or save a friends life.. Etc. but i think when you start off, you should pick a Assassin's Outfit to wear and Start off with nothing and your first quest in the free roam would be to deliver or find something out for the NPC to go up your first rank and you would be given a Hidden Blade and then you would be able to do Target Quests and the Online Game Modes. your Next ranks from then on Would be for you to choose. So you could Up Grade you Out Fit and get more Armour or Upgrade your Weapons and get a Sword. All depending on witch Outfit you Choose. so you could have Altiar's, Ezio AC2, Ezio ACBH, Ezio R, Connor, or Any others that ubisoft would add in. The Maps Should be like the City's in AC 1. there should be 4 City's and a area in the middle and you could get a group of people into your own little Brotherhood (Clan) and do quest that only That number of people could do. Thanks If you Read All of this. im not saying this is Gold But Its an Idea :)

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12-02-2012, 04:08 PM
First of all welcome to the forums.
Secondly,as u said this idea has already been introduced to the community.Also,something like that would be very hard to make.Besides the current mp suits the plot well.
I would suggest playing red dead redemption as well like yutake did before me.Other than that,i've got nothing more to say.Share ur ideas with others if u want but don't get ur hopes up that ubisoft will modify the mp that much in the next ac game,if there is any,