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12-02-2012, 10:06 AM

I am a complete noob to AC. My first game is ACIII.

I have the PC version.

Here is what I want to know: I can see two redcoats. They can't see me. I want to do a stealth kill to both of them. What are the commands? I have not understood after seeing manual etc. and hoping someone here will help.



12-02-2012, 12:27 PM
Welcome to the forum!

Well it all depends on their possition. As long as they don't (or anyone else for that matter) see you, it's a stealth kill. But if you are asking about killing from a hiding place or something like that, you have to be close enough.

More silent assassinations are done in low profile (no RMB). The protagonist usually covers the victim mouht.

If you are talking about a double assassination though, in AC3 it's a bit difficult to performe something like this (which i believe is what you are asking how to do, right?):


To do such an assassination you have to be in the middle of the guards and just press LMB.
It's easier to do a running assasination on them both, as sometimes if you are standing between two guards he will turn only to one, if you are not positioned properly.

A running assasination is done with holding the RMB and LMB while you move towards the quards.

Hope it helps, if not, do tell what's wrong and we'll try to assist :)