View Full Version : What i think of FarCry 3

12-02-2012, 07:43 AM
If i look past some things like...

- The irritating HUD and all annoying notification pop ups.
- The highlighted enemy's and items in game.
- Not be able to fly with the glider due to i have another vehicle key set up.
- The annoying enemy's with welders helmet that is almost non killable with a ordinary weapon, if welders helmets has that good protection why isn't the police/army use them in real life then ;)

So do i like this game a lot, FarCry 3 is rely a good game which you can have a lot of fun with ether if you are a gun ho or explorer. Surly they could have done some things better but that we all think of all games due to that we have different demands on a game, but there is key bindings bugs and other bugs they NEED to fix so ALL can enjoy the game to 100%. For me the game runs smoothly without any stutter/micro stutter or crashes and it looks amazing, i can just walk around in the game world and look at the beautifully scenery.

Note to the Dev's:

You guys have rely done a great job here, expect for some mistakes you already did in FarCry 2 "KEY BINDING ISSUE" (which you fixed but it's funny that you do them all over again?). You also need to add the option to turn some HUD related items on/off and the highlighted enemy's / items.

Keep up the good work and don't disappoint us in the next update please!