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12-01-2012, 05:37 PM
As the title says, This contains spoilers of the AC games! If you havent finished any of these yet, Please considering to check this topic again when you are done, Thank you.

Hello Assassins.
As most of you can agree on, Assassins Creed 3 has been a amazing game, The modern and the past, have been very good story lines and contained good, and very entertaining missions...

But, At everything comes a end they say. As did AC3.
When Desmond died, He chose to sacrifice himself and let Juno (Or Minerva, I don't really remember) Take over the world, The templar option in easy words.
Now.. I have been thinking, I have enjoyed all Assassins Creed series, With Story and Gameplay, And i think the players have to get a bit more freedom..
Not in the world to run around in.. No.. In making their own Bloodline!

Okay.. Im going to make a small sum-up of my idea's...

Modern :

- Players can make a modern assassin with diffrent backgrounds. (IE: Ex-Soldier, Police-agent, Hacker, Thief, Or maybe some other carreers, Post them down below ^^)
- Players can CHOSE the gender, hair, body weight and length and many other things such as the clothes, traits, characters, scars, eyecolour. Whatever you can still name.
- The modern plot will be varying on the background the player chose, but at the end it will all come to the same ending, Defeating Juno.
- Players start kidnapped by Abstergo, by again, Reasons that vary on the background they have chosen.
- The Character you have made will escape, and join the local brotherhood, depending on their location they have been kidnapped. (These will be based off the headquarters we know. Such as Abstergo in Rome, etc. Maybe other locations shall be added later.
- The Character can get tattoos with your own design.. (IE: You make a .png transparent image, and it would be put into the game, and could be IE, Tattooed on their arm..)
- The Character will have specefic abilities where they are good in, They can train the others, but will never be as good able to do those then their main abilities. (IE: The Soldier background will give the Character a better aim, they can chose or they are more strong but less fast, or opposite, Their minus point would be stealth in example. )
- The Character will be doing specific missions, depending on their strengths, This can be hacking into Templar Computers, Or Assassinating important names.
- The Character will be having a Assassin Bloodline, One wich lived in Altairs time, The other one in Ezio's time, and the last one in the American Revolution, Aka. Connor's time, But, The Characters can turn their backs against the Assassins, Or the templars, Wich depends, But that is what you can read now.

The past
- As above, The player can chose their gender and appearance, But will have more story options, (IE: Ezio sought revenge between the missions for his family that was killed, the character could do the same, but maybe their entire family, or their father, or their mother, or even both, Improvise farther yourself ;) )
- Each character will start as a Novice, Recluta, etc. And level up.
- Since not every Ancestor lived in Jerusalem, Or Florance, Or America, There will be several country options to chose. (Such as Spain, Russia, Germany, and other country's perhaps, alltough, The timezone for AC3 will have to be on the islands, But still, You can chose or your Character will be a native American, British, Brazilian. Etc. But they will be born in America.
- The Assassin Robes change with every rank, (IE: The first rank will just be plain robes, that you will be able to chose, The second rank will give you some armor, the third will give you a extra weapon, and go so on.. )
- The Characters shall meet Altair, Ezio, and Connor several times in the game.
- The Characters can be on both sides, Depending in wich family they have been born. (IE: If a baby is born in a family of Templars, He or she becomes a templar, until it would face a nearly dead expierience, with a Assassin, that would get him or her on their sides instead of the side of the cross... One of the many story options..
- The Character can have a family, But these would be side missions. (Like finding a partner, .. Creating babies,, Taking care of them and protect them,, And at the end, Bring them into the order, This would make extra syncronization.)
- You can chose wich Abilities will be strong with your character, But these choices affect the whole game, In example, If you chose Stealth for the first gen (Altairs Timezone) The second Gen (Ezios timezone) Will have less stealth, but could chose the ability strength to have a stronger 3rd gen Assassin (Connors Time) Where Stealth would be the least ability, Then Strength, and as finish up, The one they chose last, Aim, (These choices affect the abilities of the modern Assassin aswell! )
- The same counts for their appearance and Nationality, If one Assassin OC would be blank, and two would be more black (No racist intentions! ) The modern Assassin will be more tanned then blank... (It would restrict your full costimuzation)
- Naming is possible aswell, But just a certain amount of names will be avalible, depending on their nationality.

Extra Information :

- The game shall run on Anvil Next, And perhaps with the costimuzation engine of APB Reloaded. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WhOTrc5554 )
- Multiplayer shall have the same gamemodes AC3 has, But you are able to upload your own assassin from a certain timeperiod and then play with them :)
- The game shall be made in English, With subs from diffrent laungages. (This has to do with the extremely expensive voice acting for many scripts and persons, Alltough, The person that is born in IE: Amsterdam, Shall talk Dutch to his or her Dutch friends. The same counts for other laungages.
- Your Modern Assassin, Along with your other Assassins, Can have their friends, or reclutas, be your real friends from UPLAY, Atleast, If they uploaded one of their Assassins.
- The soundtracks shall be made by Lorne Balfe, and Jesper Kyd. (^^)
- The game should be running with the same performance AC3 did, But, The size will be bigger of the game. (Maybe 25 GB instead of 16?) Because of the extra faces, voices, worlds, and that kind of stuff...

Im sorry for my English, Since that isnt my first Laungage, But i hope you were able to understand it, And my apologies if its posted in the wrong section....

Please leave extra idea's, Tips, Or other things down in the comment section. Thank you very much.

- DutchDefqon.

12-23-2012, 03:24 PM
Bump? :$

12-23-2012, 11:31 PM
Is it going to be like, I dunno a AC MMO?

12-23-2012, 11:34 PM
It's going be perfect for an AC MMO, but not for AC4 imho.

12-24-2012, 12:00 AM
Very ambitious and well formulated post, with many good ideas.

Personally though I disagree with pretty much all of them. First i don't want more focus on modern day, I want it to disappear. Secondly AC struggles at the moment because it has way too much content. Ubi is not capable of keeping the quality. Bugs are frequent and core systems are not as developed as they should. Given that adding all the stuff you want would be suicide imo. It would be such an epic mess of mediocre, buggy garbage.

I want to stress that this is just my opinion. I'm sure others that are more into RPG/MMO types of games will love them.

12-24-2012, 12:10 AM
Yeah , it shouldn't be a assassin's creed 4, but it could make a great game nonetheless.

12-24-2012, 03:15 AM
I like the idea of ac 4,The assassins should have to defeat minerva,I also like the idea of carreer,I think we need to pick their weapons,like,An ex sniper gets a sniper,and ex soldier gets a m16,and so on

12-24-2012, 03:29 AM
I dunno... i think the ubisoft team shouldn't focus in doing ACMMO, instead, fix the mess they did in the ending of ACIII and keep our characters the way they are with minor customizations.

12-24-2012, 08:09 AM
For AC4, have multi-characters to choose from, ideas from RESIDENT EVIL 6 & GRAND THEFT AUTO V! AC4 assassins' uniforms/clothes change appearances during the season...like summer, winter, spring, fall. As you beat the game, have replay to keep all your upgrades! Like MASS EFFECT 1, 2 & 3! Have a character-menu like FINAL FANASTY 13! Keep it up!

12-24-2012, 08:17 AM
Hmm....That`s not the freedom I had in my mind and quite honestly, as tempting as your game idea seems, I`m not quite fond of it....sorry

12-24-2012, 08:22 AM
wow! I thought AC4 will be going to brazil? ACMMO, thats awesome, but, i will stay away from ACseries if that happens.

12-24-2012, 10:25 AM
Hmm, Opinions may differ, and you surely gave me some things to think about, Indeed it is going to look quite much like a MMO, wich i discovered now aswell, But why i posted this is because i wanted something side, It can still be assassins creed (Since you can hop into the animus and relive your ancestor his or her memories) But instead of being a master assassin you start as recluta and gain extra points by completing missions and optional objectives.. This was more a side idea for a level up system, atleast, that is what im thinking now.