View Full Version : Time to End This

12-01-2012, 02:55 PM
I have been with Assassins Creed since the beginning. I bet the Ubisoft people have been wondering why sales of the game have been falling off since Brotherhood. I can tell them. Poor story lines. The best game of the series, Assassins Creed 2 was successful because the story was an excellent one with potential to go so many places, the central assassin was an extraordinary character creation who moved the player emotionally, and the climbing game play was new, honed and a joy. But starting with Brotherhood and continuing most horribly into the newest game, AC 3, the stories have grown predictable or even have become downright bad as in AC3. The best character in AC3 is Haytham Kenway. Connor is boring, ugly and uninteresting. I did not care what happened to him. I was so interested in Kenway who has personality, mystery and charisma, that when the switch to Connor occurred with so little told of Kenway I felt totally cheated. What followed did not fit the characters as they had been created either - maybe some deep cuts were made, but what is there is deeply unsatisfying. Little explanation is given for some big actions. No explanation for others. It all left me with little interest in the outcome. It's really too bad. If they had followed Kenway and explained him, maybe followed him through the game with Connor as an interesting sidenote, the game would have been a good one. I would like to have seen Ubisoft resolve the problem that a lot of fans of the AC series have talked about in my corner of the world - namely that the assassins really are NOT good guys (considering that they include people like John Wilkes Booth, and some of the other real assassins of the world as venerated heroes) and that Templars may have a valid (if twisted by the Abstergo corporation) purpose in the world. The game is certainly beautiful - the art for this series is so superior to the story line that it is like Van Gogh drawing for a Twilight book - or Ingres creating a Hello Kitty ad. The artists that give us faces like Auditore and Kenway deserve the highest praise. It is just sad that some of their work is so wasted. What might AC 3 had been if they switched for a time to a story line involving the Templars rather than assassins and gave us both sides of the war? This game feels to me like Ubisoft wants to get away from having a story at all so they can be like the boring shooter games like Call of Duty Black Ops and the zombie games and that the future for AC is boring climb and slash games. If so, then it is time for the series to die. If not, then please, Ubisoft, make the story and characters worth my time - there are a lot of us who love the AC series for the stories as well as the play.