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12-01-2012, 10:54 AM
Having played Skyrim and experienced the open world greatness of the game, it's impossible not to draw comparisons with Far Cry 3.
Clearly the developers have taken on board what makes a great sandbox game but there are some fundamental issues that need addressing.

1. The hud. Already discussed in threads. It's clear the option to turn on and off the hud is a vital element. It seems Far Cry 3 has been dumbed down somewhat for it's intended
audience with over the top popups, permanent mini map, glowing objects etc. Do we really need every object that can be interacted with in the game to glow and flash? We didn't need it in Skyrim. The game is targetted towards a mature audience and I can't understand why the developers think players would need this kind of prompting you would see in a game like Skylanders. Honestly Ubisoft, It really effects the gameplay to be walking through the jungle to see glowing plants, dead animals, enemies and crates. Do I really need a navigation arrow on screen telling me which direction to go? A navigation arrow in a small house telling me to walk upstairs?

The solution. A simple bar at the top with waypoints ala skyrim would have be fine. An option to turn off navigation arrows. An option to turn off mini map - I can enable it again if I'm lost. Do I really need to see through buildings and cover to spot enemies - an option in the perk tree would have been better. It really spoils the stealth elements and is unrealistic.

2. Save games. Why when you save a game and reload does it take you to a completely different point in time?

3. Interaction with characters. Why can I not talk to anybody? Skyrim managed it. Even if it's just to say hello or a quick chat to give me some tips and hints instead of the popup tutorials. With so many characters on the island not being able to interact with them seems to be somewhat of a cost saving exercise.

4. Weather system. Why don't the clouds move? Why can't you rest to change day and night cycles? For an open world game not to have a weather system is a real oversight.

5. Okay this is picky but who did the graphics design for the sand? It looks ugly and unrealistic.

6. Weapons. Is it too much to be able to holster a weapon or select the knife whenever I want. It's an open world game. If I want to run riot in a friendly village please let me. Do what Skyrim does and make plot characters immortal but at least give me the option to shoot them and have them respond.

7. Leaving the mission area. Please don't force me in an open world game to stay in a predefined area with the penalty of making the mission fail if I leave it.

Add all these up and in my opinion, it spoils the open world selling point of the game. Either it's open world or not. It can't be half and half.

12-01-2012, 11:07 AM
Yeah in some points i think the same in 2012 the clouds must moving in games i mean this is some really easy part and with moving clouds
we have this new shadows what unreal engine does and when not its ok but movin clouds oh my god its so simple maybe the can add
this feature.

And what i really hate is this graphical resolution/polygon line in close range what makes textures/shadows and polygons to pop in and this
is extreme on shadows what makes massiv flickering (Most from trees) on the whole scene (most on grass) and skyrim makes this much
better even just cause 2 make this parts better. Skyrim has near the same graphical resolution and most the same grid and polygon
count and has only differents in character design and bad shadows but skyrim makes the most parts better.

12-01-2012, 01:22 PM
For the open world game :

Even if they wanted to avoid the constant enemy respawn in the various camps, they could do something like a dynamic event. Pirate attack free camp randomly and sometime ( and they could randomly be able to take them back.
Also, on 3-4 pirate to kill to free a camp !? what that's joke... :/

We should have a option to increase enemy spawn during open world usage ( mean except for the various mission ) to be able to manage the fight intensity and frequency like we want.
If difficulty increase is only about enemy armor, or better player spotting, better damage, that's not necessary interesting

12-02-2012, 09:51 PM
It's frustrating as there are plenty of great points - hang gliding, wildlife, dense jungle, driving, weapons, cutscenes.

If they could have just put that extra polish in - more dialogue and interactivity with people and objects, less control in the open world and a custom hud
it could have toppled Skyrim as the open world king. Okay 3D would be nice option aswell.

Maybe the community can fix these niggles - after all Skyrim had plenty but thanks to the work of enthusiasts it's now a thing of beauty.

12-02-2012, 10:06 PM
The outpost system is nice, but it should be vastly expanded.

I see lots of small potentional bases; a crashed plane, a WWII artillery, a cave entrance... There could be a dozen bases in the area that now falls under one base.

That, and there should be an option to turn on pirates taking back bases you already captured. If this is turned on, no matter whether you have taken over the whole map or not, pirates will take over any and all bases over time - and the moment you turn it on, one to three bases are instantly taken over. The pirates generally attack from these bases, but they can also acquire a random base somewhere far away.

But the moment you turn it off, this all stops. And of course, this is toggleable at every moment in the game.

That's a solution for everyone. Maybe add a third option to give every single base back to the pirates instantly - resetting the map, so to say.