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12-01-2012, 12:52 AM
Lately I and everyone on my friendlist have been experiencing so many problems when it comes to getting into a match of manhunt. that it is ridicoulous. Please do keep in mind that this is not a thread to just complain. The aim with this is to get more people to discuss the matter and hopefully get the creators to do something about it. This mainly concerns manhunt, but from what I am hearing from friends and other people, it is a common occuring problem in most game modes.

What has happened lately is that it has taken us (being 3 or more players) between 20-40 minutes to get into one game of manhunt. Yet by searching one and one we have no troubles finding games what so ever. In my opinion manhunt is a team based game mode to be enjoyed by friends playing together, so why is it so hard to play with friends? It gets to the point where you are bored before even starting a match. Now this is not an every day problem, but it does happen often enought to make the game very annoying at times, ruining the over all game experience.

Another common occuring problem are the "glitched out lobbies" connected to the abstergo point system. What commonly does occur is that the lobbies get stuck, not starting. Resulting in you having to back out to the dashboard or trying to join another players lobby. However, by backing out the system somehow (if you do know why please leave a comment) results in you losing a sum of 100-500 abstergo points. Something that can take 1-3 days to gather up. Now the explanation by ubisoft seems to be that you should not be able to lose 500 points, but this has happened to me as well as several friends and I am seriously thinking about making a video to prove them wrong.

The matchmaking is in my opinion stupid. Ubisoft you re amazing at a lot of things, but this is not one of those. For competitive players it is a dissaster since when you get into a lobby people tend to quit out due to your level or being at a disadvantage. Not wanting to lose points. The main idea is that we re supposted to be able to play anyone, no?
I do agree when people rage quit, they should be punished somehow. But, what happens when your xbox randomly freeze and you have to restart it? You lose 100-500 points yet again.

I myself love being able to play competitive matches, but lately people just quit out after 30 seconds. Everyone wants to win, but I would say that everyone wants to play good players just as much. You should also be able to go into matches and just have "fun", being goofy and whatever, without having to worry about losing a 100-180 points against good players. What you can do is ignore the leaderboard, but then what is the reason of having one what so ever.

If you re experiencing the same problem or have an opinion on this matter please share your thoughts. I am sorry for not being able to keep this post shorter, yet feel that I missed out on a lot.

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12-01-2012, 01:49 AM
Well according to the wind you still lose points if you quit but yet many still quit so something is up either they don't know you don't lose as many points or maybe they lose points but you don't gain as much as if they would of stayed idk. As for matchmaking your not alone as it can be a pain at times but I found alot depends on what time you play at.

A Cupcake Nurse
12-01-2012, 02:25 AM
I experience these issues multiple times a day, I actually not more than ten minutes ago DB'd out of manhunt because i was stuck at leader selection, that was before I got DC'd out of Assassinate match and way before I got stuck in a previous Assassinate match at the starting session screen. Sometimes I can back out, and sometimes I can't. I actually came on to see if this was just a me issue, or if the servers are being extra-everything today

I don't even care about Ladder points, but its starting to get really ridiculous when you spend 10-15 min trying to get into a match and more frustrations trying to stay in it. Then tip-toeing around certain players who you know are going to DC you if you interact with them. It's been plenty of times where I've yelled at the tv 'Don't touch me!' because I know I'm going to get DC'd or kicked into limited mode (which resets everything, every single time)

Trying to join a proper session in a group is in entirely 'nother issue in itself. I've simply just gotten to the level where I say in my profile why I DC so much and no friend, I can't join your session in progress, its not you its ubisoft I don't know if the patch made things worse or not, but it needs to be looked into.

12-01-2012, 02:53 AM
I have had this issue since the last week and it is getting worse and worse every day. So I started asking myself, is this only me? But then realised it happened to friends and friends of friends. It has become a common problem in my opinion. The whole point of getting stuck or having to wait in a lobby is ridiculous, I mean the match making is one of the mayor things that the community have requested an upgrade of.

And on your question whether it is worse today or not. In my opinion it is way worse. I ve tried to get into matches with 2 friends (manhunt/domination) for 3 hrs, resulting in 4 matches where the lobby would quit out due to us scoring to high.

I know a lot of people care about their scores. But I ve gotten to the point where I just want matches and it annoys me that people leave due to not wanting to risk losing their rank. This match making problem is affecting everyone and I dont wish to be stuck for 10-15min a day several times....