View Full Version : Musings on AC3

Just Krispy
11-30-2012, 05:01 PM
First of all this is not a dis of AC3. I love the game and like a lot of the changes. I have been playing around with different ability sets and have some thoughts on my style of play and the new stuff. I have always been a really defensive player to the point that I get more stuns than kills going back to ACB. I get that maybe I need to change. but bear with me. I am feeling handcuffed that I no longer have a pure defensive set that will stop a pursuer. I know mute was derpy, but it did work some of the time. Here are the new things I have tried and my take: Bear in mind these musings apply to my Deathmatch or Wanted play.
!. Glimmer...its fun when it works, but as players get better they are not fooled by this. Lock before glimmering makes it useless. Same for disguise a lock before disguise makes it useless.
2. Knives...ok but I have been killed plenty of times even though they are hurt...might be a timing thing IDK
3. Animus shield...considering the few times I get killed by a gun in this game, I don't want to waste an ability slot on something that doesn't happen that much. I haven't used it waling up to a target that might use sb, but me popping it might just give me away?
4. Wipe..it doesn't stop pursuers....to me this is just another reveal ability...why not just use firecrackers?
5. Disruption...takes up a ranged ability slot and again doesn't stop pursuers all that well.
6. Decoy can be fun but after its used once, people get the hang of it and it doesn't fool anyone.
7. Bodyguard is really glitchy for me.
8. For me the only reliable ability seems to be good old smoke bomb. Timing isn't an issue with it even though they added the delay. Its the one tool in the toolbox that always works.
I feel Ubisoft made this game at least in the FFA modes a more offensive game. Its not good or bad, but it makes an old D player like me kind of nostalgic for the good old days of my Facepuncher set of SM/mute.....if anyone else has suggestions or thoughts on how to play better defense on Deathmatch, please post. Also I am find corner stuns aren't coming that easily either...People are just getting better at playing and don't fall as much stuff.