View Full Version : AK47 Weapon level (and others) NOT SAVING!

11-30-2012, 11:08 AM

1, My AK47 and some other weapons "level up" but the game doesn't SAVE the xp/level after each round.

2. My Load out's don't always save and i have to put them in ALL OVER AGAIN each new start up of the game.

3. I try to run the Direct x 11 far cry exe and it goes into uPlay but doesn't show my STEAM purchased game?
I have to launch it from steam(not sure if it loads dx11 exe help?).

Any word of resolve on 1/2? Has Ubisoft even acknowledged these errors and is there a set date for a fix/patch on this?

Such a great game with potential but it shouldn't be ruined by early bugs and server troubles, the most hurtful thing for a big new product is a bad breakfast(start).

Would be great hearing from the community.

Thank you,


11-30-2012, 11:15 AM
Hey Kurt.

Issue #1 and #2 are known. We are looking into them right now.

With regards to the Steam purchase - You have to launch the game from Steam, which will launch Uplay. If you are having problems with this. Please contact our technical support department.