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11-30-2012, 10:30 AM
:mad:why n0T ... to dedicated servers??? the wrong choice: bad idea to use closed hosts by endless problems: ubisoft service is not available - Uplay service interrupted - host migration - lobby does not starts - high ping and unplayable matches - ...and all matches are always unbalanced: 3vs7 / 4vs8 / 2vs5 how was this possible?? hu..I wonder if they know what was done farcry2?? and farcry1....sigh

:mad:why n0T... to Deatmatch mode??? the most unfortunate choice: the multiplay is designed to always play as a team: not enough 3 modes? ...but 4?? without considering that "Transmission" and "Domination" are practically the same!! (radio & position) at the end, it is all very boring and repetitive ...., It was not good to keep something from the past? a simple Free For All?? (Deathmatch) or better, develop an innovative dm: where for once a player must not depend to other???

I'm sorry but I had to expose my immense disappointment for this multiplayer: too much decayed and equal to the console world, jha sorry again but Im pc user (costs five times to a console), just do not understand ... I do not know, if they can fix... I think it's too late ... ok!! when gameplay will be finished, I will come back to fc2 to play a team game balanced and whit friends and just so also dm mode....

*sorry for my english

11-30-2012, 11:11 AM
I would LOVE good ping on a dedicated server.

Also a NEW probably last big release of 2012 games(Far Cry 3)...doesn't even include a decent number of game modes to enjoy or a dedicated server which games far older have included.

The rest of the game is a big improvement from the second one and i don't think Ubisoft should risk the chance based on laziness and ruin this one, it could be so so great.

11-30-2012, 11:24 AM

The subject of dedicated servers has been discussed before, at length, the game does not support them.

Locking thread due to being a repeat.