View Full Version : I wish the patch fixed anything.

11-29-2012, 11:25 PM
I did not dl the game until the 26th of November for PC. I have played the game up until Conners real first mission as a grown up assassin. I was enjoying the game until I started noticing the over load of glitches that never seem to be fixed. so many graphics that are having issues with simple in game mechanics is unbelievable. A lot of glitching in the in close-encounter combat when you are fighting one specific character the combatants and sound is very off. I also just captured a fort and its loyal to the patriots, however i have not once seem to ever make allegiance with the patriots and while i strolled in the camp the occupants we red dots every where and they tried to kill me. Th timeline for the player seems really off, with a game with so much freedom to go about as AC series seems to try to provide your actions seem already planned. My most maddening issue is the Stealth game play. It seems no matter where i go I am being spotted from random enemies at impossible angles. hiding spots are scattered in far off distances to making a stealthy approach to any fort or objective impossible. Evening scaling high trees and free running them over the top walls in forts is no better then just walking up the gate and killing all the guards. inside forts there is no good choice of a path to fulfill the objectives. The captains seem to be surrounded by men and no way kill them in an easy way. Well those are my biggest issues as of now most other small issues i can deal with but I tired of running around try to be stealthy as an "assassin" should but no matter where i go I am always spotted and never able to complete objectives without being swarmed for just standing here.