View Full Version : Disappointment [SPOILERS]

11-29-2012, 04:42 AM
** Spoiler Alert **
Quick rant about the progression of the series to the end of ACIII:

I feel that I need to express how irritated I am that Desmond died. After playing through all of the AC games, getting to know the main character has been slow yet rewarding. Just when we are teased with a 'present day' assassination scenario in ACIII, he is killed. While not all gamers share my sentiment, I feel robbed that I will never see a game based in the present with Desmond vs. the Templars. It feels natural that this would be a proper end to the series, albeit several game releases away still. Understanding that the series progresses through time as we explore Desmond's ancestors, I was fond of Altair and Ezio but knew that their missions would eventually end. I could even accept the sudden death of Lucy as a 'defected assassin' plot twist. What I was not prepared for was the apparent 'side story' of Desmond ending and leaving me feeling as if it really meant nothing significant in the previous games. The ending was so surprising that it felt anticlimactic and fake; as if this small detail was thrown in just as a way to write him out. What? This ancient machine was built needing a 'spark' from a life form thousands of years away from when it was built to save the earth? Bollocks. Though I will probably buy future games, I don't know that I can feel any attachment to the characters anymore.