View Full Version : Problems with Multisampling in Assassins Creed Revelations.

11-28-2012, 11:35 PM
:confused: Hello, I'm having the following problem: When trying to apply the Multisampling, either 2x, 4x or 8x ... The game crash. I left all settings in max with V-Sync on and resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 60Hz ... My hardware is: Core i7-950 / 12GB DDR3 Patriot / GeForce GTX 560 ti 448 Cores 320 bits 1280MB GDDR5 / SSD Intel 120GB / Win 7 Pro x64.

Can someone give me a solution for this?


Carlos Edgar :confused:

11-29-2012, 12:06 AM
Have you tried it to force the MSAA in the .ini file? Just change the MSAA value and mark the copy-protected checkbox. What happens now? Still crash or does it works?

Greetz Frosty