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11-28-2012, 05:23 PM
So, there are a lot of new people in the AC multiplayer forum searching for game companion, thinking about joining a clan, discussing about strategies and abilities etc. and I thought that an introduce thread would be nice for the growing assassin’s community (though I remember vaguely one similar thread from the Brotherhood days but couldn’t find it probably due to my lack of searching skills…).

Main idea is to jot down a few random facts about you, no birthdates or other exact information is required – just something that springs to mind and feels random enough. Great minds think alike so you just might find gaming company and if not, you will get to enjoy massive amounts of randomness in its greatest form: numbered lists with clear organization and no clever substance ;)

I guess I’ll go first:

1. I’m twenty years old.
2. I’m a very sarcastic person and love the humour in the Office and the Wire series.
3. Though I have always liked alternative and indie rock, I have started to listen bands like Disturbed, Sick Puppies and Parkway Drive recently.
4. English isn’t my mother tongue which is probably why Google translator is my closest friend when writing this list of random rant.
5. Waiting anxiously for The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey and its premiere.
6. During the first week of AC3 I probably mass murdered more civilians than during both Brotherhood and Revelations multiplayer.
7. I’m vegetarian.
8. I have recently developed an addiction to energy drinks which I feel like has helped with my studies.
9. For some reason I like odd numbers and believe that they bring luck – though I haven’t won in the lottery yet.
10. Despite the fact that I’m truly interested in history and culture I’m a little unsure about what my profession will be in the future.
11. One of my hobbies is making up words and I would like to create an actual written and spoken language.
12. I’m missing the soundtracks composed by Jesper Kyd in the earlier AC sequels; City of Rome track is quite the definition of epicness.
13. My handwriting is really small and I have gotten complaints about how it’s unreadable without a magnifying glass.
14. I’m quite shy which is why I would love to be as wit as Tyrion from the Game of Thrones.
15. I have an old scar (bears a little resemblance to a lightning if enough imagination…) in the forehead so I might as well go for a female Harry Potter.
16. I have… a… bad… habit… of… overusing…three…dots…
17. I love swimming in Elkiäinen (a lake) in the summer despite it has a muddy bottom full of fallen, mummified leaves.
18. Listening to The National’s England when writing this.
19. This will be the last random fact.

Let the randomness begin!


11-28-2012, 06:14 PM
1: I like this idea, thanks DarienFawkes!
2: 30 years old, mom of 4. They are 6, 5, 2 and 5 months.
3: Because of # 2, I almost never play before 9pm EST
4: When I do play before my kids go to bed, I get a lot of "Mommy, you really killed that guy good" if I'm doing well and "Mommy, you're boned" when I'm not
5: I love Deathmatch!
6: I will always snipe a roofer.
7: I listen to entirely too much '90s alternative music. Long live CAKE!
8: I can play and feed my 5 month old at the same time. My husband just comes in and shakes his head.
9: I don't wear a mic but I scream at the TV, usually things my kids shouldn't hear
10: I'm at work right now..."on lunch"
11: I have lived all over the US, settled now in South Carolina where everyone calls me a Yankee even though I'm from California. Call me a hippie!
12: I graduated with a BA in June when I was 9 months pregnant. My gown almost didn't fit.
13: That should be enough.