View Full Version : AC 3 single player Crashing! Multiplayer works fine

11-28-2012, 03:07 AM

I am running on

Intel quad core CPU (2.4GHZ)
4GB Ram
Geforce GTX 650 TI

For some reason the game keeps crashing on me, much like Hitman absolution.
However I get no error messages besides the game has stopped working, or a complete freeze of the desktop.
Hitman Absolution sometimes tells me active device is not found, sometimes it pretends I dont have enough memory.
And I am wondering if the problem is related.

I run the game on medium settings with a modest 1280x960 resolution.
According to Geforce.com, the game should run on 30+ FPS.

I would like to know why this game keeps crashing randomly.
Sometimes it will crash nonstop, sometimes it wont crash for hours.
All I know is, the multiplayer works like a charm.

I have tried upping the voltage on my videocard but that seems to be pointless.
All drivers are up to date and everything.

So is this my hardware or is this software related.
Because if the multiplayer works, the single player story should work too (or am I wrong here?)