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11-28-2012, 02:13 AM
Hi guys, well I've been playing the single player and I keep running into problems not technical problems but sequence problems

My problem is figuring out in what sequence certain things should be done because apparently Ubisoft sucks at trying to lock content till it's appropriate to access the content.
I've stumbled onto parts of story or features of the story I'm not supposed to see till farther in the game such as~

Liberating Cities
Naval missions
Benedict Arnold DLC

It's very frustrating to find myself doing side missions marked on my map to only find out that the mission makes no sense with whats occurring in the main mission because the main mission has not progressed far enough or that i'm doing side missions that are REALLY far behind the main story.

Ssooo my question is this does anyone have the spare time and generosity to try and make a write up when you are supposed to do certain actions in certain sequences?
I would like to avoid spoilers, but *shrug* I'm frankly tired of trying to avoid spoilers while trying to figure out if I didn't screw up my missions.