View Full Version : Big problem with this epic game !!!

11-27-2012, 09:41 PM
first ... hi all

second ... my spec :
CPU : intel core 2 due E7300 C 2.66 and 3 Mb cash
RAM : 6 GB DDR 2

third : the BIG PROBLEM :
at the first begin of the game its works just fine and like charm but when i have enter boston city i feel like my FPS rate is in free fall and the game become unplayable at all because i have suffer alot of lagging ... and btw i know that my PC spec is not so great BUT i have notice this problem with alot of PC gamers that they have a way better PC spec than me so please ubisoft guys i beg of you ... fix this really really BIG PROBLEM ASAP with a new patch or something because iam really sad right now ... and iam sure you guys will do ... many thanks to you all and sorry for my english.