View Full Version : NY Underground Question

Rogue Agent 035
11-27-2012, 07:10 PM
I realize this question has been beaten ta death, but I can't seem ta find an answer so here goes. I'm currently at the start of sequence 10 an am cleaning up as many sides as possible before finishing the story. However, I'm at 84% East underground opening an 89% West, an 64% North. Now before the patch, I was 100% north an now both east/west are open further than before (thank you patch) but I'm stuck on the north. All in all in NY I've found 10/11 FT though one of those is not showing up on the mini or main map. Anyone have some advice/suggestions fer me, I'm runnin my second playthough for 100% sync an want to get it all.....

Thnx in advance....

Rogue Agent 035