View Full Version : Cant get myself to play anymore, to many bugs

11-27-2012, 06:15 PM
I have never been put off by a game I enjoyed by bugs to the point that I cannot get myself to play it anymore. I really enjoyed this game during the short period I played it (Got to the point where I killed the first of the core Templar guys) But I just cannot get myself to play it anymore and deal with its bugs, primarily the crashes where my help reports have been met with silence. ( I run a GTX 570, which I have seen a lot of people reporting, but no solutions)

So in order of which has caused me to stop playing the most, the bugs:

1: Random crash while playing from 5-40 minutes in
2: Ledger does not work at all, and I have to hard close the game to actually exit the screen
3: UI, Map, Inventory, all really really terrible and clunky
4: Randomly character get stuck in the world, or ports to the other side of the world (Collision issue?)
5: I bought a sword, completed a mission, came back the next day, and its gone.. (money also gone)
6: Reloading a mission doesn't restock any items I might have used

So far now, i'm done with this game until at the very least the crash issue is fixed.