View Full Version : What would you like to add in AC3

11-26-2012, 10:41 PM
Of course we want a patch that fixes lot of glitches and bugs (like the dual pistols and the fps drops) but what kind of things you would like to see added in ACIII? I personally wish these:

1) Naval gameplay is awesome, i loved it and is so much fun, but i would like to have the chance to explore the sea free roaming, explaining better: We are in NY for example, we choose to go in Boston, we can choose between fast travel or navigate the route. With navigate we can navigate with the ship, with Connor at the wheel and with the chance to leave the wheel and explore the ship (playing minigames like checkers for example) while the NPC moves the ship to the designed route. During the route, there's a chance pirates or other kind of enemy ships, attacks you. I think something like this could kill me for joy and awesomness. Of course it would be also nice to find treasure maps around and exploring the sea to find the islands etc. (P.S. i think the Captain of eagle outfit on the ship is way better than the one you get from the preorder bonus, i don't know why they made id different.)

2) Chance to remove equip, for example i don't want to use the bow, i go in my house and leave it behind. Or, at least, add some quivers to other outfits cause it looks very bad right now not having quivers. But i'd like the chance to choose my inventory (maybe using some inventory slots that gives to you a limit of weapon you can carry around, so you can personalize your equip when you're going to hunt animals or going to kill around in cities).

3) Random events like the liberation missions, but without limits. I'd like to roam around a city and find a random NPC that, for example, ask me to help him free his kidnapped son or preventing executions and some random events in Homestead too involving the NPCs and so on. Things like these would make the game almost infinite, perfect and funnier.

4) This one is not very important, but i'd like a fishing minigame lol, maybe you can gain baits from fishing and you can use them to lure animals during hunting.

5) Of course the chance to toggle hood whenever you want. Also the chance, after you finish the game, to choose Connor haircut and facial tatoos and/or war paintings.

Enough from me, my apologizes for the not-so-good english, thanks for reading and wish you a nice day/night/whateverisyourtime :)